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As the only race non-native to Tesseris, thakorans have their own language which is still in wide use amongst their tribes. Distant tribes may have different dialects, slang terms, or customs which affect their language, but most all thakorans are typically able to communicate with each other without much difficulty.

When spoken by thakorans, the includes many more guttural sounds, which are often hard for non-thakorans to replicate, expressing more complex meaning than the words alone. Likewise, when speaking the common tongue, thakorans will tend to insert these same guttural sounds into their words, often causing them to come across as menacing or intimidating, though not always intended as such.

Common Thakoran Words

Aak: Literally: “of the tribe”

Drask: Trash or refuse; commonly used as an insult.

Graut: War

Ko: Leader

Kothak: Shaman or Clan leader; literally “leader of fire”

Kova: Mate, or spouse when referring to other races.

Lok: Outside, external.

Lokoran: Outsider, foreigner, non-Thakoran

Norrd: Foot or feet

Oknorrd: derogatory slang for another person, usually non-Thakoran; a high insult when referring to another Thakoran. Literally "one of the foot"

Ok: “One who.”  Used as a prefix or a suffix

Oran: People or “people of”

Tar: Fist or hand

Tar’graut: Warrior or soldier; literally “fist of war”

Thak: Fire

Thakoran: Literally “people of fire”

Von: beneath or under

Common Phrases and Sayings

Drask von norrd - literally “trash under foot;” common insult taken to mean “lowest of the low”