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Psychic ability is still very new to the world of Tesseris. The first instance of psychic power manifesting occurred after the creation of the core and upon that basis that the theory that the Core is affecting mutations in humanity is based.

Individuals with psychic ability have been documented to possess two focused, but potentially very powerful abilities: Telepathy and Telekinesis. Some individuals display one or the other of the abilities while most possess at least some degree of talent in both. Power levels for Telekinesis have been documented to range from the ability to move small objects all the way up to being able to topple a Titan with a focused blast of telekinetic force.

How psychic powers work

Psychic powers use a simple threshold test versus either a DC or an opposed test.  DC’s are typically used for inanimate objects and opposed tests are used for animate opponents. For example, if a character were trying to lift a barrel with Telekinesis, it would be a test against the DC based on the weight of the barrel and what you’re trying to do with it.  If you were trying to lift or throw a person against their will, they will roll against your Psy test with their resistance, either Dodge, Might, or Psy (if they are resisting with their own telekinesis) in this case