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Power Requirements Description
Armor Mastery I Armor Proficiency (Any) Armor you wear grants 1 additional AP to the body, arms, and legs locations. This benefit applies only to worn armors and does not apply to natural armors or armors granted via Arcana.
Backstab Stealth 3, Ag 3 As an attack action against an unaware or helpless opponent, you may make a melee Backstab attack with a one-handed weapon. This attack takes 3 actions and gains any normal bonuses or penalties a normal attack roll would receive, such as the bonus for attacking an unaware or helpless opponent (+2). This attack deals damage as normal, plus one additional damage for each degree of success.
Beastmaster Presence 2, Wrangling 1 Establish an empathic connection with a creature. The creature can understand you and you it through your empathic connection. Establishing an empathic connection requires that you beat the creature you wish to bond with in a Social Combat throught he use of Presence and Wrangling. You may not have an empathic bond with more than one creature at a time.[Further details pending; May also re-name]
Blood Arcana Eldritch Knowledge, or Minor Arcana, or Mage, Special Incorporate blood into your spells or rituals to make them more powerful or easier to cast; spells you cast using fresh blood as a component add up to an additional 1dT to the die roll. Gain access to Blood Magic discipline. Additionally, you may willfully wound yourself to provide the blood component, taking 3 damage to yourself every time you do so; this damage bypasses all amor and soak.
Blood Arcana II Blood Arcana Spells you cast using fresh blood as a component add up to an additional 2dT to the die roll. Spells you cast without the blood component roll 1dT less when casting.wd
Blood Arcana III Blood Arcana II, Level 18 Spells you cast using fresh blood as a component add up to 3dT to the die roll. Spells you cast without the blood component roll 3dT less when casting.
Eldritch Knowledge Special, See description Use Arcane powers derived through the study of the occult and demonic to generate effects using raw, unrefined Arcane energies
Faith Divinity 1, must choose a deity or belief system to worship Gain faith points and the ability to use Faith abilities (Miracles) Faith talent x 2 + your Divinity skill + your Will Power. Select one Major or Minor Faith talent for free, assuming you meet the prerequesites for it.
Faith II Divinity 3, Faith I Gain additional faith points and access to more powerful Miracles
Faith III Faith II Gain additional faith points and access to more powerful Miracles
Faith IV Faith III Gain additional faith points and access to more powerful Miracles
Feat Substitution - Take two Feats. May be taken any number of times.
Gunslinger Agility 2, Gunnery 2 [Needs to be reworked]
Inventor Tinker 2, Mechaniks 2 Gain the abilty to create personal inventions and 15 Invention Points (IvP) that may be spent to design and build the inventions. Inventions are typically only usable by their creator, unless the character attempting to use them is able to pass a Tinker test equal to the Incremental Craft DC of the invention. Addionally, gain one invention of your own design with a maximum Incremental Difficulty of 6 and 10 IvP. Rules for designing and building inventions are detailed in the "Inventions" section.
Arcane Inventor Inventor, Mage, Ritual Magic Gain the ability to create inventions with Arcane Components and 10 additional invention points with which to build inventions.
Martial Adept I Melee 1[ OR Archery 1 OR Gunnery 1 Through focus and study, the character has learned or developed effective postures and strikes to complement their fighting style. All Martial Adepts gain two Martial focus points for each Martial Adept or Martial Focus Powers, Feats, or Talents that they have + one additional point per Willpower. Martial Adepts also learn the Relaxed Posture and either a Style or two additional Postures that they can switch to when combat begins. Additionally, the character gains 10 Strike points to spend on Strikes that they can use during combat by expending Martial Focus as per their description.
Mutant - Develop beneficial physical mutations. Gain +4 wounds and a slightly twisted appearance granting you +2 rerolls on all Initmidate checks. [Needs More]
Inhuman Might Mutant or Thakoran
Natural Armor Mutant or Thakoran, 2 other mutations Gain +1 armor to all locations.
Additional Arms Mutant, 4 other mutations, level 16 Grow two additional arms.
Wings Mutant, 3 other mutations, and Level 12 or Shan'Kai Level 15 Grow leathery or feathered wings from back, gain the ability to fly.
Necromancer Mage I, Arcane Discipline: Necromancy, Faith, Ritual Arcana, Must be worshiper of a death god, Special Gain an innate understanding of the nature of death as well as the Speak with Dead and Death-Touched abilities. See full description for ability details.
Psychic Willpower 2, May not be Forgeborn Use psychic powers and abilities. Additionally, gain 1 Major Psychic talent for which you meet the requirements for free.
Precognitive Defense Psychic I, Psy 5 Use ability to see short ways into the future to gain a +l bonus to Dodge and Block tests. Requires no actions to maintain, but must be tested for each round. DC equals the number of rounds the power has been maintained for during the current combat.
Telekinetic Flight Psychic I, Hover, Telekinesis III, Psy 6 Use telekinesis to fly at speed equal to half Willpower. This requires no test for normal flight and uses Psy tests for any special actions while flying.
Rage - Slip into a Rage once per combat lasting a number of rounds equal to your Willpower. While in Rage, take a -2 penalty to all physical defense rolls, but gain +2 bonus to Strength and Social Combat defense rolls. This effectively increases your Strength in all areas and grants additional dT on any strenght based skill check as well as additional damage and Maximum Wounds (+4). Once started, Rage may not be terminated until it runs it's course or combat is over. Rage may not be initiated outside of combat and the character may not engage in Social Combat while rage is active or for a number of rounds equal to their Willpower after Rage ends.
Shadow Adept Stealth 2, Acrobatics 2 Use specialized stealth abilities and gain +1 re-roll to Stealth when sneaking in low-light or dark areas. Additionally, gain one free Stealth Feat for which you meet the prerequisites.
Ninjutsu Shadow Adept, Martial Focus, Melee Skill 2, Combat Maneuver 2, must have been trained by a Ninja Master Gain Weapon Proficiency: Ninja, Martial Artist, and Shadow jump talents as well as access to specific Ninja related talents.
Mage I Arcana 1 The character may cast Arcane spells as a Mage. Gain access to the Universal Arcane Discipline, one Arcane Discipline feat, and 12 spell points (inclunding those from the Arcane Discipline feat) with which to create spells. The character may also read and interpret the High Arcane language.
Mage II Mage I Gain an additional 6 spell points with which to create spells. Once per session gain a +2 on the casting of a single spell. Allows access to more powerful Arcane Powers, Feats, and Talents.
Mage III Mage II
Warrior Level 1 Only Gain Modern Armor Group proficiency, Light Blades Weapon Group Proficiency, Medium Blades Weapon Group Proficiency, and two Minor Martial Talents.

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