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To do list

  • Update documentation to 2d6 base
  • Update social combat rules during combat to morale actions
  • Fix/remove Reign-In talent
    • Wrangling test should substitute for Resolve in most cases
  • Change 'Dodge' to 'Evade' and 'Duck' to 'Dodge'
  • Add tool-tips to Roll20 Sheet
    • Done for Defense actions
  • Add rules for grenades
  • Address equipment during extended skills
  • Rename Strength to Physique
  • Add in Profession
    • All characters in Tesseris have a Profession. More than just a skill, this is a large part of their character. Characters will often spend their downtime engaging in, or developing their skill in their profession. A character's profession may have an impact on their outlook, their knowledge and skill set, etc.