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All characters, non-player characters (NPCs), and monsters have a common set of characteristics:


Strength (Str) determines how physically strong and tough a character is. Strength contributes directly to a character's total wounds and to how much damage they deal in melee combat.

Strength governs the following skills:


Agility (Ag) determines how agile and nimble a character is. Agility plays an important role in many offensive and defensive skills.

Agility governs the following skills:


Perception (Per) determines a character's visual acuity, accuracy, and attention to detail. Perception plays an important role ranged combat, defense, and observation skills.

Perception governs the following skills:


Intelligence (Int) determines how smart or quick-witted a character is. Intelligence plays an important role in casting spells and most knowledge-based skills.

Intelligence governs the following skills:


Willpower (WP) determines a character's resoluteness, forcefulness, stubbornness, and drive. Willpower plays an important role in using psychic powers, defending against social and psychic attacks, wounds, and maintaining consciousness when wounded.

Willpower governs the following skills:


Charisma (Cha) determines how naturally charming, convincing, and persuasive a character is. Charisma plays an important role in using Faith powers and all social interactions.

Charisma governs the following skills: